CommsBox is an emergency communication product that can be instantly activated to establish connectivity. This box can be stored at remote sites or even airdropped into the emergency zones.

The satellite dish inside connects to our powerful satellite, which offers widespread coverage including islands, mountainous regions and other remote areas.

Each Kacific CommsBox includes

  • Small, self-installing satellite dish in a self-contained case

  • Solar-power energy pack

  • User tablets for customer-friendly operation

  • Preconfigured and connected modem and satellite electronic

  • WiFi set up

  • A sealed, shock-resistant, fire-resistant, buoyant and transportable all-inclusive container

All-in-one boxed solution

Connects 5 users

High-speed internet on-demand with powerful broadband satellite service

Reliable, on-demand connectivity

Rapidly deployed and effortlessly scaled

Up to 55 Mbps access speeds (up to 50 Mbps downlink + 5 Mbps uplink)